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Welcome To Miracle Christian Fellowship Church 

Pastor & Founder
Dr. Solomon Akharamen

Come explore a life time journey with Jesus, you'll find it to be your most rewarding experience in life. Jesus came and died so that we may have abundant life John 10:10 and everlasting life John 3:16. So let us appreciate Christ for such a gracious offer.  

     M.C.F.C offers a wealth of opportunities for spiritual growth, learning and service in the Body Of Christ. Please get involved in bible study, bible school and above all prayer and fasting. These things will enable you to stand forever in the service of the Lord.

 M.C.F.C. is committed to training you to be the best for Jesus Christ. Also we are committed to allowing the Lord to redeem His people and transform his community through us. So we welcome and encourage you to maintain your commitment to Christ.

   May God so richly bless you, your family and your ministry as you embark upon your Christian walk here at M.C.F.C. and with Jesus Christ.


  ~Love In Christ,  ~Dr Solomon Akharamen

The Mission

The Mission of M.C.F.C. is to equip and train the Body of Christ for the purpose of administration, worship, teaching, discipleship, care, and love through prayer and seeking God.

Our purpose is to edify the Body Of Christ and equip the saints that they may go forth and do the work of Christ, bringing deliverance to the bound and building up of the Body Of Christ.

The Focus of M.C.F.C is to erase the spiritual illiteracy that has bought spiritual bondage to the people of God. We seek to bring deliverance that will free the people of God from the chains that the enemy has bound them with and bring God's people to a place where we should show forth the praises of Him who has brought us out of darkness into His marvelous light.

The Vision of MCFC

       " The Lord Planted the Vision of Miracle Christian Fellowship in my heart before August 1986. The bible says that, "Where the is no vision, the people perish; but blessed is he who keeps the law (Prov.29:18)." The Hebrew word for vision is "Charzone" which means sightment, dream, revelation, or oracle. No organization can succeed without a vision.

       The Vision of M.C.F.C. is to seek out the lost, administer deliverance to the bound, feed the hungry, and provide shelter for the homeless. We seek to provide restoration to the hopeless and rehabilitation to those bound by drugs and alcohol. We seek a school designed to address the needs of those children considered to be "at risk". Our vision also includes a fully accredited bible college, so that we might enlighten the saints on how study and rightly divide the word of truth. M.C.F.C's desire is to embrace people from all nationalities and restoring the family, one family at a time. Our over all vision is to let the world know that Christ lives and reigns Forever!

Physical Address

6969 Harwin Dr. #109  Houston Texas 77036                                                                      Tel. 713-977-0240

6969 Harwin Dr. #109 Houston Texas 77036

Service Times 

Sunday Morning.........  10:30 am        Tuesday Bible Study.......  7:30 pm  

Friday  Miracle Service....7:30 pm 


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